Virtual Style Suite-Elevate your Style

Virtual Style Suite-Elevate your Style

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Seven seconds is not a lot of time to make your impression. That's all you have, and sometimes even less than that, when you meet new people, attend an interview, deliver presentations etc. The more aligned your outward appearance is with the value you offer, the better your outcome.

We like to think it's not about what I wear, but instead it's about the value I bring. In an idea world, I'd like to think that too. That is just not how it is. Before you can dazzle others with your wits, you have to get past the impression they've made, right or wrong, of you.

You'll learn how to:

  • determine your Personal brand
  • how your image supports your brand so that you attract the opportunities you desire
  • accept your body for the blessing it is in your life
  • use your image to ask for and negotiate for what you want
  • Tips to dress so that you are taken more seriously

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