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Has it been a long time since you've given any attention to your closet? Do you reach for the same tired items for every event, hence there is no excitement around getting dressed? Is your closet full but you have nothing to wear? Not to worry the BESPOKE package is here for you!  We will transform your closet into a haven of stylish clothing you love. You will gain the confidence to dress your body leveraging your assets, so you can show up for your worth. (2 days)

This package includes:

  • "MY BEST ME" process and creation of a strategic style plan
  • SWOT YOUR STYLE workshop
  • We will do a closet edit to provide a good starting point (3-4 hours)
  • Entire wardrobe is tried on
  • We will toss and donate as appropriate
  • Note the wardrobe gaps that now need to be filled, i.e. shopping list
  • Show you how to make new outfits from what is left in your closet
  • We'll shop different boutiques and department stores in line with your budget, shopping list and style goals
  • I start with a "Pre-shop" about an hour before you arrive, with my selections, setting up a dressing room ready for you to start trying on as you arrive
  • We will follow with shopping together and showing you how to shop for your body, highlighting your assets and minimizing less flattering areas
  • Create versatile capsule wardrobe segments that work together
  • Discuss style scenarios and show you how to incorporate the new items into your wardrobe 
  • Provide a closet Look Book of your new outfits for easy reference and daily outfit planning

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