Everyone has a story.
Your lived experiences, your unique perspectives, the stories you tell yourself and your beliefs, are all a part of YOUR STORY.
Your style and how you show up in the world are how you TELL YOUR STORY. How you communicate who your are and how you introduce yourself to the world....that is your STYLE STORY!
Are you telling the story you want to tell?
YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR STORY. You get to control the narrative.
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Each element (chapter) of building a strong Style story will be uncovered to teach you step by step how to craft a clear, consistent and confident style story. When your personal brand and story are aligned with your image, you attract new opportunities and the life you want to enjoy.

You are a successful woman. You have done well in your career, are respected by your peers and know that you bring tremendous value to your team and organizations. 


You don't FEEL successful and you know you aren't showing up as the highest and best version of you.
You want to be a reflection of your hard earned success, OF COURSE YOU DO!!
When you look good, you feel great and you attract the opportunities and ideal clients that you want.
Your energy shifts when you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.
When you OWN YOU and step into your power it's magnetic. Your vibe is high and people are attracted to YOU!


After this 8 weeks Style transformation journey, you will:

    • Complete the "Best Me" signature process. This one of a kind journey will provide clarity on your personal style. This allows the dynamic, smart and accomplished woman you are to show up with an image in complete alignment with your value and who you are on the inside
    • Show up with presence and professionalism in our new virtual world
    • Know how to dress your body shape for success, so that you accentuate your assets and look your best every time you get dressed. 
    • Be able to confidently leverage colour and accessories to ensure you know how to include all elements available to you to elevate your style effortlessly
    • Learn how to determine your colour palette so you shop and wear your power colours every time
    • Determine your style personality as we refine your Signature style
    • Understand my step by step process to completing a successful closet edit and creating a space that allows you to effortlessly build your powerful story everyday
    • Be a BOSS at creating powerful outfits that complement your lifestyle, and gives you stress free mornings as you hurry out the door
    • Learn how to shop deliberately, online and in real life. This will ensure you invest wisely in clothing, buying items you love that also love you back
    • to create a functional closet that works for you and supports your lifestyle
    • Enjoy a real style TRANSFORMATION

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This Style coaching program is a LIVE group coaching program. In the program you'll receive:

  • LIVE 45 mins weekly sessions over Zoom
  • Don't worry if you can't attend all sessions, they will be recorded
  • 7 sessions led by me, Renée Lindo, Personal stylist
  • 1 session dedicated to answering all your personal styling questions
  • Community of like-minded women on their style journey as well
  • Workbook for each session

 **PLUS 30 days access to me**

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You will have the opportunity to:

  • have me in your back pocket for 30 days after your class (we always have questions when we start to implement new concepts-I'm here for you!)
  • You will be able to get your 'on-the-go' style questions answered.
  • Run a new look or outfit by my style-eyes for feedback
  • Take my eyes shopping with you

BONUS: DIY Closet edit video bundle (includes outfit planning and mixing patterns)


Invest in learning these key concepts now, and you will save money every time you shop. You'll know the most flattering silhouettes for your shape, your best colours and how to intentionally shop and create a functional wardrobe.

I want to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable experience and I am committed to supporting you along your style journey.

Who is the woman you are becoming? What does she look like and how does she show up in the world? How do people respond the her? How is she enjoying and engaging in life?




You are that woman

This is available to you too. 

This is your story as well.

When my signature tools and strategies are implemented, the transformation is next level. You will feel like the winning woman you are and look like the successful woman you've worked so hard to become.



In addition to crafting a strong Style story, do you also need to get a handle on your closet?

Do you need to create a space that truly uplifts you and allows you to create outfits that align with who you are on the inside?

This can be challenging to accomplish on your own, so bring me into your closet with you, and let the magic begin. 


This is the 8 week Style coaching program PLUS  the Closet Edit and Shopping

I'll work with you virtually to help you clear out your closet and create a space where you love each piece.

I'll then make a list and shop to fill the gaps in the wardrobe, creating a functional wardrobe that makes getting ready an effortless and quick process.  Getting dressed will now be exciting and fun as you confidently show up looking great every time. Imagine that sense of calm as your closet is filled with pieces that work together to create polished outfits.

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You will have a private virtual closet and lookbook where you'll add your current pieces, I'll add my finds to your closet and create a VIRTUAL lookbook of 20+ outfits, in functional modules, fully outfitted with accessories and shoes.

Your Virtual closet will have shoppable links allowing you to purchase anything you like right from your lookbook.


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  INVESTMENT $1700 USD (Save $150)



How much better can your experience be?

You've crafted your unique Style story that completely aligns with who you are and your personal brand.  You are showing up as your most fabulous and confident self, attracting all the opportunities you want to enjoy. There's more...

Enjoy a VIP experience of celebrating your Style transformation with:


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For the lady who is ready to show up and show out! 


Enjoy your 8 week style story transformation, a fully maximized closet filled with outfits that support your lifestyle, and top it all off with a PHOTOSHOOT AND TWO MONTHS ACCESS TO ME!!!


What a celebration this will be!

Photoshoot will be in Toronto, Canada in the Spring 2021




Investing in yourself is the BEST investment you can make.


Why work with me?


I left my Corporate role as as National Sales Director, to use my skills and passion for fashion and style, to help women level up their style game, so they can put their hands up for more life. I understand how important it is to project a strong personal image to advance your career and also the confidence it gives you to ask for the sale, negotiate for yourself and step into opportunities bringing your A-game. You see, I am that woman too. I know first impressions matter and people make judgements about you in the first few seconds of seeing you. How we show up tells the world who we are. When you look good you feel good, and that confidence allows you to share your magic with the world.

I'd be honoured to  guide you on your style journey to crafting your Blockbuster Style story.


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