Virtual Style Suite

Thrive in style: The virtual Style suite 

My mission when I started, has always been to help you show up as the best version of YOU! Even though we are all confined in our homes, my mission hasn’t changed.

These times will pass.

Even when working from home you can see that when you feel and look good, you elevate your mood and confidence.

When these crazy times are over, wouldn't it be amazing to come out on the other side looking fantastic and feeling powerful?

I’ve created the “Virtual Style suite” to help you do just that.

Each session is designed to transform the way you think about and approach showing up for yourself.
You’ll learn:
✨how to look your best every time you get dressed- it all starts here
✨how to align your outward appearance with who you are on the inside
✨to swerve the morning madness of getting ready, with a closet that’s filled with pieces you love!

All while honouring your unique body, style and personality.

And so much more

For you to show up as your 100% it starts on the inside. We’ll be working through some of your limiting beliefs as well!
Come on in, I’d love to have you in the Style suite.



Imagine being able to look your best every time you get dressed

Think about the feeling when you walk into your closet and you know that everything you choose will communicate your highest and best self and,

That confidence in communicating to the world exactly who you are

That is all possible when you understand how to dress your unique body shape-it's magic!

You will learn how to:

  • Define your body shape
  • Determine the fabrics and materials that work best for your shape
  • Accentuate your assets so you look your best every time you get dressed
  • accessorize appropriate for your body
  • and so much more


Thursday April 9, 8pm EST                       


Saturday April 11, 10am EST



You have 7 secs to make a first impression. That's it! A lot needs to happen in those few seconds. You want to ensure you are communicating exactly who you are and the value you bring. It takes so much more energy and time to correct someone's erroneous impression of you. Get it right the first time.

You'll learn how to:

  • determine your Personal brand
  • ensure your image supports your brand so that you attract the opportunities you desire
  • accept your body for the blessing it is in your life
  • use your image to ask for and negotiate for what you want
  • dress so that you are taken more seriously


Sunday, April 12, 1pm EST



Imagine walking into your closet and feeling excitement about all of the new outfits you are now able to create.

Feel the sense of calm that is now your normal feeling, as you get dressed in the morning. This is because your closet is filled with pieces that work together to create outfits

Get excited about the money you will save.  You now know how to invest  in versatile pieces that create many different outfits

You'll learn how to:

  • build a functional wardrobe (Professional and personal)
  • take 18 pieces and create 150+ outfits
  • create modules to support your lifestyle
  • use your wardrobe basics to provide even more options

Saturday, April 11, 2 pm EST

Tuesday, April 14, 8 pm EST


Are you serious about your goals and know you want to emerge from this isolation better than you went in, and as the leader of your pack? My kinda girl!

You can take advantage of the "Entire Suite"



You'll receive all three virtual Style suite sessions at a special price and enjoy BONUS videos on "Leveraging the magic of colour" and "Accessories are the icing". When we're back to playing outside, you'll definitely be ready to WIN YOUR RACE!

All three workshops and trainings:

  • Learning to dress your Body shape 
  • Elevate your style, elevate your life
  • Creating a professional wardrobe

BONUS : "Leveraging the magic of colour" and "Accessories are the icing" videos



So what has been other women's experience working with me?


"I am stylish. I can style myself. I always said I would never need a stylist. Stylists are for celebrities who have a myriad of events. But Renee proved me wrong. I needed a wardrobe revamp and despised shopping. With Renee's help I not only found the right pieces for several occasions, but also the pieces that aligned with my personality and the with the best fit for my body. All within my budget. Renee saved me from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Brava Renee!

I am so proud of you for taking this leap into this new career. I see how much joy it brings you. This joy will reverberate among all your future clients."

-Ruth C.


-Nechelle B.


"Renée was an exceptional source of knowledge, expertise and support when I decided to improve my personal image as a professional and as an entrepreneur during my maternity leave. Being a mother took a toll on my personal image, however Renée has gone above and beyond providing tips on the fundamentals of shopping, body types and how to find the pieces that enhance my own style. Thank you for elevating my confidence to higher levels Renée."

-Ilila F.


Yeah, that all sounds great BUT IS THIS FOR ME? Can this help me?

This is for you if:

-you know you are not showing up as the woman you know you are on the inside and you want to change that

-you want to be respected for what you've accomplished and the value you bring

-you want to feel fantastic in your style again, and get your mojo back

-life has just put you on the back burner and you have let yourself go, and you're ready to get back to you

-you are preparing for a career transition and want to show up as that person

-you're tired of your mornings being a total disaster as you try to get dressed and   rush out of the house

- you want to feel good and confident again so everyone around you experiences your magic

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? If so, this is an investment in you and your future success. Nothing changes unless you do, and this is fun process. You'll learn so much about yourself and how to truly honour your beautiful body.



Ladies, it's not about the clothes, it's about the life you live in those clothes...confidence will take you on a very exciting journey!