Your Personal brand follows you throughout your career. Your image and how you present yourself to the world, are integral parts of that brand. First impressions matter. People make decisions about you in a split second, so it's important that your image aligns with your brand and your value.

 MISSION:  To educate and empower women to show up as the highest version of themselves, with full confidence ready to share their magic with the world. This is accomplished by working closely with Corporate clients and their employees to craft clear, confident and consistent Style stories. I created the "Style story" framework to support women as they tell their unique story through their style. When this is successful it’s a game-changer. There is an energy shift and they become magnetic. Employees are more confident and productive, and are able to lead with influence and impact.


  • *Elevating your Personal brand with style
  • * Your Style story: The Bestseller
  • * Showing up with impact in the virtual world  
  • * Creating a functional wardrobe
  • * The keys to confidence: It's not you it's your clothes
  • *3 Steps to building your power outfit 

  • If these do not meet your needs, happy to create customized programs that achieve your company's goals

Client testimonials

"I had the pleasure of working with Renee who custom designed and presented Personal Brand Styling sessions to a group of female executives. Renee was both engaging and informative as she encouraged us to create style stories that align with our personal brand; create a closet environment that empowers and elevate our brand. Her style coaching will be an asset to individuals and organizations committed to personal and professional development." Kimberley S. Southern Glazier Wines and Spirits

"We had the great fortune of Renee's Elevating your Personal Brand zoom sessions with a group of our Leaders at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits. Renee opened our eyes to the importance of style to elevate your personal brand. She gave us actionable tips and advice that we could implement right away. We also appreciate and will take advantage of her free 30 minute consultation to align the vision of our brand and services available to bring it to life. As Leaders, it is important that we always look for new ways to develop our skills and influence, showing up with your authentic personal brand through style is critical. Thank you Renee! -Julie M., VP on Premise, Beam Suntory


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