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Exactly what she wanted

"Renée, this is exactly what I wanted"

by Nechelle B, Toronto

Wedding events

"I'd never done anything like this before...and Renée just has wicked style..." 

by Amanda K., Toronto


Renée dressed me for my Christmas office party. I felt amazing walking into the room. I remember all heads turned as I walked in. She dressed me in a green fitted dress and styled it with hot pink tassel earrings. Something I would never think of doing, but it was fabulous! I felt like I could conquer the world! Renée has a great eye and a keen knack for putting a wicked outfit together. I love the personal touch she provides. Renée is my secret weapon" — Jackie D., Toronto

Thanks, Renée! It was great to work with you and everyone loved the dress, so thank you again!. — Shae I., Toronto

Renée was an exceptional source of knowledge, expertise and support when I decided to improve my personal image as a professional and as an entrepreneur during my maternity leave. Being a mother took a toll on my personal image, however Renée has gone above and beyond providing tips on the fundamentals of shopping, body types and how to find the pieces that enhance my own style. Thank you for elevating my confidence to higher levels Renée! — Ilia F., Toronto

Renee did an impeccable job styling me for a wedding. She chose out two options and within seconds of trying on the second dress I knew it was the one. The whole process was effortless and Renee was a pleasure to work with. At the wedding I received countless compliments on the dress. Someone even told “it’s like the dress was made for you”. Big thanks to Renee for being an awesome personal stylist! -Samantha D., Toronto

I am stylish. I can style myself. I always said I would never need a stylist. Stylists are for celebrities who have a myriad of events. But Renee proved me wrong. I needed a wardrobe revamp and despise shopping. With Renee's help I not only found the right pieces for several occasions, but also the pieces that aligned with my personality and the with the best fit for my body. All within my budget. Renee saved me from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Brava Renee! I am so proud of you for taking this leap into this new career. I see how much joy it brings you. This joy will reverberate among all your future clients — Ruth C. , Jamaica, W.I

Renée helped me make sense of my closet and have a look that flattered me. I became better acquainted with my body shape, best colors and styles. Now, I know what’s in my closet, how to put together the best look for any occasion - work, date, etc.. During this time of many transitions - new business and relationships in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and Civic Change - I am confident that my look represents me fully as a dynamic leader, loving partner and good friend. -Rory B., California