You are a smart woman, you have been successful in life and achieved the goals you set for yourself. You want to do more with your style and elevate how the world sees you. The confident, stylish woman is screaming to get out but you just have not been able to unleash her to the world. Defining your personal style has become frustrating and overwhelming and you have almost given up. Wait, not so fast. I can help you.

I am Renée Lindo, a Personal Stylist, and I help women around the world express who they are through style. Through my 1:1 sessions with my clients I help women to understand and appreciate their body shape and how to shop for and choose clothing to highlight their assets and minimize areas they aren't as comfortable with.

After working with me, clients are more confident in choosing clothing that communicates exactly who they are and how they want to be seen by the world. They are empowered to step boldly into the roles they choose to play in their fabulous life.

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If none of these packages meet your needs we can customize something special just for you.

Please note the package prices are my service fees only. They do not include the costs of the clothing